Wham Bam


The country/rock band “Silver” never released a studio album.  This single, a hit for them in 1976, is their only claim to fame.

Their keyboardist, Brent Midland, went on to become the longest-tenured keyboardist for the Grateful Dead.

But Rather

“One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.”  ~ Henry Miller

A Quick Note About Skin Cancer

 When I worked in the nursing home, there were two areas where skin cancer seemed to be the most common:  on the tip of the nose for smokers, and on the back of the ears.

The tip-of-the-nose cancer looks like a simple mole, but it’s more than just a cosmetic problem– it’s a slow moving cancer that can metastasize and become fatal.  It has tendrils growing deep, so the sooner it’s treated the easier the surgery and treatment is.

I blame the back-of-the-ears cancer on ballcaps, which provide a little protection to the eyes but none at all to the ears.  I saw this a lot in fishermen.  So, be sure to dab a little sunscreen on your ears before you head out into the sun.


 I don’t particularly like the song, but the lead singer is mesmerizing.

I wonder if he intended to mimic Mick Jagger’s moves, or if it simply manifested spontaneously?

The Moth Joke


Stick with it- it’s worth the wait. 🙂

I Should Just Let Them Go, but-


I prefer this cover version to Don Henley’s original.  One notable difference:  since the drummer isn’t singing lead, he’s free to give a more energetic performance.  He doesn’t have to conserve his breath.

Full lyrics HERE.

She Walks in Beauty

 What I love about Marianne Faithfull is that she never stops changing and evolving.  She has never been afraid to try something completely different.

Not every swing connects, but she hit this one out of the park.

Can Be Valuable


shhh, it’s fine is on the web HERE.  The posting schedule is very sporadic, but always wonderful when he does.

The artist has chosen to remain anonymous.


“I’m not a doctor, I’m a fucking moron.  I’m not a respected source of information, even for me … But I at least try to be honest about what I’m saying.” ~Joe Rogan (source)

But of what value is an honest moron?

So Many Roads…



“We’re in competition with China and other countries to win the 21st Century.”  ~Joe Biden (source)

No we’re not.  There is no “competition.”  That’s stupid.

We have enough already.  Let’s take care of the sick and elderly, house the homeless, feed the hungry, educate the young.

Somebody else can “win,” whatever that means.

Sow Good Seeds

 Excerpted from Joyce Meyer’s daily devotion:

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like bland food. My husband once had a stomach problem, and the doctor put him on a totally bland diet for a few days. At every meal, I heard him say over and over, “This stuff has no taste at all.” His food needed a bit of salt, a little spice– and that is exactly what the world needs.

Each day as you leave your home to go into a dark, tasteless world, you can be the light and flavor it needs. You can bring joy to your workplace by being determined to consistently have a godly attitude. You can be “salt” through simple things like being thankful rather than complaining like most people do, being patient, merciful, quick to forgive offenses, kind, and encouraging. Even simply smiling and being friendly is a way to bring flavor into a tasteless society.

Without love and all of its magnificent qualities, life is tasteless and not worth living. I want you to try an experiment. Just think—I am going to go out into the world today and spice things up. Then get your mind set before you ever walk out your door that you are going out as God’s ambassador and that your goal is to be a giver, to love people, and add good flavor to their lives. You can begin by smiling at the people you encounter throughout the day. Deposit yourself with God and trust Him to take care of you while you sow good seed everywhere you go. 

I’m suspicious of preachers who become fabulously wealthy, but I do like some of the things she says.