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The “upgrades” WordPress have imposed on us are just too much. I’m tired of wrestling with the interface. I give up. Blogger is intuitive and simple to use, so I’m using them going forward.

This blog will remain in place, for as long as WordPress maintains inactive blogs.

Me and Art

Excerpted from Art Buchwald’s autobiography Leaving Home: A Memoir, ©1993:

But a funny thing can happen to you in a depression. If you don’t hurt yourself, you can gain tremendous insights and empathy, find inner strengths and hidden talents. It’s mysterious process, but if you can hold on, you become a wiser and better person.

That’s why, when the second depression hit me in 1987, I wasn’t as frightened. It was just as vicious as the first, but this time I knew I could come out of it a stronger person, and I did.

I had similar experiences, and arrived at the same conclusions.


“Ever since reading Catcher in the Rye, I have identified with Holden Caulfield. I always believed that while he was working one side of the street, I was working the other.” ~Art Buchwald, in his autobiography Leaving Home: A Memoir, ©1993

That’s interesting. I would never have thought to compare Holden Caulfield with Art Buchwald.

Cather in the Rye is one of those books that seems to leave a mark on everyone who reads it. Somehow J.D. Salinger created an outsider that everyone identifies with.

Broken Record

You’ll enjoy this more if you’re old enough to have actually had a broken record. Full lyrics HERE.


With each new “update” WordPress becomes more difficult and cumbersome to use. They have actually removed certain basic functionality, like the ability to indent text. (You can still do it, for now, but you have to use the “classic editor” and code the html manually. Even that clumsy workaround will be gone soon.)

It’s not fun anymore.

I’m not going anywhere until I have a new landing spot, but I’m actively looking for alternatives. Blogger is in the lead, but if anyone has another suggestion please leave it in the comments.

In/Never In

“Sometimes we are in doubt, but never in despair.” ~Phil Koch

Little Duties

“Great holiness consists in carrying out the little duties of each moment.” ~St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer y Albás

Peace ☮

As I drove home from the grocery store this morning, I saw something a little unusual. I was stopped at a red light, and noticed the man across from me was scowling and flipping off each car as they drove by.

When it was my turn to pass him I decided to beat him to the punch, and flashed him a peace sign.

He still flipped me off– but he had the biggest smile on his face as he did! 😀


Excerpted from Lost Horizon by James Hilton, ©1933:

“A rather grim story, Chang,” he commented at length. “It gives one the feeling that Time is like some balked monster, waiting outside the valley to pounce on the slackers who have managed to evade him longer than they should.”

“Slackers?” queried Chang. His knowledge of English was extremely good, but sometimes a colloquialism proved unfamiliar.

“‘Slacker,'” explained Conway, “is a slang word meaning a lazy fellow, a good-for-nothing. I wasn’t, of course, using it seriously.”

Chang bowed his thanks for the information. He took a keen interest in languages and liked to weigh a new word philosophically. “It is significant,” he said after a pause, “that the English regard slackness as a vice. We, on the other hand, should vastly prefer it to tension. Is there not too much tension in the world at present, and might it not be better if more people were slackers?”

“I’m inclined to agree with you,” Conway answered with solemn amusement.

Lost Horizon is not in the public domain in the United States or Europe, but it is in Australia.  If you live there, you can read or download it for free at Project Gutenberg’s Australia site, HERE.

The Devil’s Dictionary

Excerpted from The Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce, ©1906:

PRESENT, n. That part of eternity dividing the domain of disappointment from the realm of hope.

PRESIDENT, n. The leading figure in a small group of men of whom– and of whom only– it is positively known that immense numbers of their countrymen did not want any of them for President.

If your humor is sufficiently dark enough, you may enjoy reading the book. It’s in the public domain and may be downloaded or read online at Project Gutenberg, HERE.

A Groovy Hi-Fi

I’m sure I’ve posted this before, but it’s such a happy song I’m posting it again.  If you only know Hugh Laurie as an actor, you’re in for a treat.

Full lyrics HERE.

Precious Mistakes

Excerpted from  Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom ©1998, by John O’Donohue:

One of the qualities that you can develop, particularly in your older years, is a sense of great compassion for yourself. When you visit the wounds within the temple of memory, you should not blame yourself for making bad mistakes that you greatly regret. Sometimes you have grown unexpectedly through these mistakes. Frequently, in a journey of the soul, the most precious moments are the mistakes. They have brought you to a place that you would otherwise have always avoided. You should bring a compassionate mindfulness to your mistakes and wounds. Endeavor to inhabit the rhythm you were in at that time. If you visit this configuration of your soul with forgiveness in your heart, it will fall into place itself. When you forgive yourself, the inner wounds begin to heal. You come in out of the exile of hurt into the joy of inner belonging.