One of the depressing things about the missing Malaysian airliner (besides the obvious) is that apparently the ocean is so filled with oil slicks and rafts of garbage that debris from a crashed plane just doesn’t stand out.


  1. Kev

    What I don’t understand is they can spy on us, track us, listen in on us, but they can’t find a f*****g black box? Every plane has a black box that is specifically designed to withstand destruction and to be found! Sorry, I don’t buy it.


    • I also don’t understand why there are no “pings” from cell phones. Over two hundred people, and not a single one turned on their phone?


      • Kev

        Good point. It is not normal behaviour. Even when they say to turn off mobiles, you know at least one person will have his/hers on…the statistics alone would dictate that.


  2. markonit

    … it is a particular situation… but your comment about what ISN’T unsual in the ocean is just as bracing as the plane’s disappearance…


  3. Mel

    *sigh* All those people…and the people who love them. It’s hard, period.


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