Checks and Balances

The NSA admits that they are compiling a massive database of photographs culled from social media so that if they want to they can track anyone anywhere at anytime (source).

But fear not!

“We do not do this in some unilateral basis against U.S. citizens.  We have very specific restrictions when it comes to U.S. persons.  In broad terms, we have to stop what we’re doing if we come to the realization that somebody we’re monitoring or tracking has a U.S. connection that we were unaware of. We have to assess the situation and if we think there is a legal basis for this and we have to get the legal authority or justification.”   ~NSA head Michael Rogers

So before they can actually use the information they have assembled, they have to go a secret location and petition a secret court where a secret judge will issue a secret ruling.

Don’t you feel better now?



  1. Mel

    Hahaha…well, I’ll sleep better at night! LOL!


  2. … deep bureaucracy is dangerous …


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