Never Know

Roger Ebert reporting the death of John Belushi for Chicago news. (via)

In 1982 nobody really understood addiction.  Nancy Reagan was running her “Just Say No” campaign, and she really believed that was all it took.

His death was spun as a moral failure, a lack of willpower and resolve.  In truth he had done everything he knew to do to beat addiction- including paying a body guard to keep drugs away from him- but it wasn’t enough.

I remember televangelist Jerry Falwell saying, “Well, I never thought he was funny, anyway,” with a little smirk on his Christian face.

Nostalgia isn’t always a warm, fuzzy, glowing feeling.  Sometimes it’s cold, hard, and harsh.

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  1. markonit

    … and forgive us for what we (not me, jus’ sayin’…) thought back then… that simply saying, “no” could be protection from addiction…


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