Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja, Dec. 1998, Australia:

We are not so worried about these things. War has been going on from the beginning of this creation, and all beings are traveling in the endless cycle of birth and death. Those who do not remember Krsna, God, will have to come and take birth again, and they will suffer.

However, those who are chanting, remembering, and performing spiritual pious activities, knowing that all beings in this world are like orphans and all are sons of God, all are like brothers and sisters, they will not suffer. Rather, those who have love and affection for all beings will quickly be liberated. They will go to Krsna and will never come back to this world.

As for others, they are bound to come and fight with each other, and to die and again take birth.

It may be that they will come in the species of animals such as hogs and pigs.

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