“He was shy, he was reserved, and he was a gentleman.”

Devon Allman reminisces about his father Gregg in the August 2017 issue of relix magazine:

What went through my head when I knew my dad was about to pass away was all the time we didn’t have together. I’ll be the first to admit– that was negative thinking. I had to flip the dynamic. We didn’t do some of the basic, remedial father-son things, but I got to sing onstage with him in front of tens of thousands of people. Before I was even 18 I got a tattoo with my dad– he had to sign for it. And it wasn’t all rock stuff, either: I got to go fishing with my old man, right under the Golden Gate Bridge. We watched a lot of football together– the NFL was a shared passion. We’d go to the movies. In the last 15 years, especially, he really mellowed out. He started to get it and realized that he had a really good family.

He was certainly the soundtrack to a lot of people’s good times and bad times. But he didn’t wear that larger-than-life thing– that stature– around the house. He was a normal guy. He was shy, he was reserved, and he was a gentleman.

Relix is on the web HERE.

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