At the Restaurant

He is old. He has an eye infection, and it hurts. He hasn’t been sleeping well. He has a pinch of a headache. He is crabby.

He points to man wearing short pants, and announces that he must be an idiot to wear short pants in cold weather like this.

The man is too far away to hear.

He points to girl texting a friend on her cell phone, and points out that people used to be able to go out without pecking at their phones the whole time, and wonders what she’s doing that’s so important she couldn’t leave her phone at home.

She is engrossed in her conversation. She didn’t hear.

He points to a young man wearing his hat backwards and speculates that he is an idiot. He doesn’t understand why anyone would wear his hat backwards. What good does that do? he wonders.

The young man certainly heard him, but doesn’t respond. The opinions of old white men are not an over-arching concern for him.

He points to an old man wearing his hat brim-forward and first praises him for wearing his hat the right way, then criticizes him for wearing his hat indoors. When did that become acceptable? It didn’t use to be that way.

The man is eating his meal, and didn’t hear.

He points to a woman wearing stretch pants with a flower print, and announces that she is too old and too fat to be dressed that way.

Her face falls. She is crushed. She probably left her home thinking she was beautiful. Now she feels foolish and ashamed.

He is oblivious.

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