Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend

“To be mindful means to have metta towards the fear in your mind, or the anger, or the jealousy. Metta means not creating problems around existing conditions, allowing them to fade away, to cease. For example, when fear comes up in your mind, you can have metta for the fear — meaning that you don’t build up aversion to it, you can just accept its presence and allow it to cease. You can also minimize the fear by recognizing that it is the same kind of fear that everyone has, that animals have. It’s not my fear, it’s not a person’s, it’s an impersonal fear.”  ~from Mindfulness: The Path to Deathlessness: The Meditation Teaching of Venerable Ajahn Sumedho. (via Dhamma Footsteps)

The last bit certainly mimics my own experiences with fear, depression,  and anxiety.  I picture them as sort of a fog that descends, looking for a little niche in which to insert itself.

What it actually finds to attach itself to is almost irrelevant.

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