Everydays into Holidays

In Case You Didn’t Know
by Rod McKuen

Some days up ahead
will come down empty
and some years fuller
than the fullest one
we've known before.

Today has been
the best day yet.
                I thought
you ought to know that,
and I thought it time
that I said thank you
for whatever might have
passed between us
that in your mind
you might have felt
missed my attention.

It didn’t
and it doesn’t
and it won’t.

Thank you
for the everydays
that you make
into holidays.

I close up
more often now,
not just to you
but even to myself
                 within myself.

I know I should
be always open.
At least I ought to make
               a better try.

I will.

When the library at the college Mona works for moves a book out of rotation, they put it out on a table for anyone to have.  We’ve found some treasures in their trash.  The poem above is from moment to moment by Rod McKuen, ©1974.

McKuen reminds me of Ringo Starr.  There isn’t a lot of nuance or metaphor in their poems or songs; you don’t have to wonder, “What is he trying to say?” because he’s come right out and said it.

For better or for worse.

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