A Silvery Sea

Young Girl in a Silvery Sea by Joaquín Sorolla, 1909


  1. Thank you ! I love this! I want to be right there at the sea!


  2. “I
    am suddenly exhausted by my desire
    to kiss his sweet explaining lips.”

    Tenderly charming. There’s so much to like about this poem. The image is vivid enough I suspect I’ll carry it with me at least for a day or so. It’s one heinous flaw is I did not compose it myself. I would have, were I only an old lady and not an old man. Still, I forgive you for plagiarizing me in an alternative universe even mercilessly before I could get around to writing the poem myself.

    Thank you for it.


    • This is strange. I swear I was responding to your other poem! How on earth did my comment end up on this one? More importantly, let us settle this matter out of court. There’s no need for you to make more of this than is warranted. Such mistakes as mine happen all the time, I’m certain of it.


  3. I love the silver. That’s such an unusual capture.


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