Grief is a weird thing. It can hit you out of nowhere.

I was in Stein Mart last week and found a wonderful paisley shirt, and as I was heading towards the checkout it suddenly hit me that the only other person who would be as excited about this shirt as I was would have been my mother, but she’s gone.

So I didn’t get the shirt, and it knocked me down for a long, long time.  It’s strange to consider that something as simple as a pretty shirt can light the tinder.


Mona and I went to see ELO in Dallas Monday night, and I was still so depressed we almost didn’t make it.  Mona was ready to punt and drive me home.  But I did rally enough to make it into the venue, and once we there we both had a great time. The crowd sang, danced, and were totally immersed in the experience.  This was Jeff Lynne’s first tour in thirty years, and he hasn’t lost a step.

It was healing.


  1. I am with you EVERY SINGLE BABY STEP of the way! this brought tears to my eyes-so many emotions expressed so beautifully. I love you with all of my heart and that is FOREVER and beyond.

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  2. I bought a blue shirt today — I had been working my way round the shop not liking anything I saw, but as soon as I spotted this, I thought “this is just my kind of thing!” I showed it to my mother, who immediately nodded and said it was perfect. Mothers often know what suits us, and see things the way we do. 🙂 It is terrible to lose them.

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