Mona and I saw Crazy Rich Asians in the theater last week. The movie didn’t appeal to me– there were too many people doing too many things, too many wheels inside of wheels– but there was one thing in particular that bothered me.

Although they were very careful to avoid any hint of stereotypical Asian behavior, they had no problem throwing a stereotypical homosexual into the mix. “I’m the rainbow sheep of the family!” he announces, then giggles at the absurdity of his own existence.

I went to a very small school, with a class of around 35, and since graduation at least five classmates have come out. There was only one I suspected, and not a single one of them conforms to the flamboyant stereotype so prevalent in television and movies.

I really think it’s time for Hollywood to take a step back. If it’s wrong to have a buck-toothed Asian who can’t pronounce his r’s, it’s equally wrong to have a scarf-wearing homosexual lisping and prancing his way through the scenery.


  1. Amen, Abbie! I couldn’t agree with you more. But Hollywood has a general problem with stereotypes and pretty much always has We won’t be likely to get our way soon.

    Did you see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri? I thought the characters, dialog, and plot were unusual for Hollywood. There were no clear cut heroes and villains. Everyone had virtues and flaws. Very human portrayal of people.

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    • I should add. Apparently, that didn’t satisfy some people. One of the characters was portrayed as a racist — a human racist with both virtues and vices. So that created an outrage because, you know, you can’t be showing adults that even racists might be human. It could warp their tiny minds.

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      • I think what matters is balance. Some white people are like Archie Bunker, some gay people are like Richard Simmons, but it gets out of whack when *every* representation is reduced to a caricature. It becomes problematic when they say, “If you’re like THIS, then you’re like THAT.”

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