Several years ago someone posted a link to Bob Dylan’s cover of “Some Enchanted Evening.” It was wonderful, and I bought the album it was taken from, Shadows in the Night.

It’s not a song I would have considered if not for the link. I think of Dylan as more of a songwriter than singer and interpreter, and this seemed a little out of his zone. It was a very pleasant surprise, and it’s become one of my favorite albums.

I wanted to link to the song myself, so that my half-dozen followers could hear it. Hopefully they would be have been as taken with it as I was. They might have even liked the song well enough to buy the album, as I did.

But, unfortunately, the song is no longer available on YouTube, unless you have purchased a premium account. I can’t share the song, and without hearing it you’re unlikely to buy it.

Everyone loses.

Nice job, Google.

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