Preferred Not To Think About It

Excerpted from Will Rogers: His Story As Told By His Wife, by Betty Rogers, © 1941:

It was impossible, too, in spite of the ever increasing demands upon his time, to convince Will that he should plan ahead. His was a casual day-to-day existence. He hated to be tied down to prearranged plans and would not make an engagement two weeks ahead if he could possibly help it. He didn’t know where he would be in two weeks’ time and preferred not to think about it. If he wanted to do something, he wanted to do it immediately.

As a young man he found himself bankrupt in Argentina, bankrupt in South Africa, and bankrupt in Australia; as a married man with three children, he found himself bankrupt in California– and I’m only halfway through the book.

So, as appealing as an unplanned life may sound, there is a downside.

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