Not Because

“I want to underscore this point: we find greed difficult to control not because it is natural, but because it has been generated by long, unchecked habituation. This is important to recognize, because even though old habits may be tough to break, all habits can be broken.”  ~17th Karmapa

I’ve heard that excuse so many times in my life.  When people behave terribly– taking more than their fair share, leering at pretty girls– they make the claim that this is natural; simple human nature.  They argue the other side, too:  the reason they hate homosexuality and powerful women is because it’s unnatural, and therefore sinful.

I don’t think “natural” and “unnatural” are really all that important.

I’ve never known an honorable person to argue that they are.

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  1. markonit

    …this is a profound statement… it really cuts to the heart of the matter… do you have respect for your fellow sentient living creatures or you don’t…


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