Karma Chameleon

“Some people think karma is fate. ‘It must be my karma,’ they sigh, resigning themselves to some calamity. But karma doesn’t have to be bad. It can be good. And we make our own karma. Every thought, feeling, and deed sows a habitual karmic seed in our mind that ripens into a corresponding positive, negative, or neutral experience. Anger and jealousy manifest as painful, unhappy experiences. Selfless, joyful thoughts and feelings flower into wondrous, fulfilling experiences.

“So we don’t have to resign ourselves to ‘our karma.’ We control our karma. Every moment is a new juncture, a chance to improve our way of thinking and thus our circumstances. This principle of interdependent causation is the bedrock of the Buddha’s first teachings, the four noble truths.”  ~Tulku Thondup Rinpoche (via)

My favorite definition of karma is:  “Where you are now is a result of decisions made in the past; where you will be in the future is the result of decisions you make now.”

We’re not gods.  We don’t have complete control.

But we do have quite a bit.


  1. I don’t know if that’s comforting or not. 🙂 I suppose it’s both good and bad.


    • markonit

      …you have to make the choice… the good or bad of anything depends upon how you see and make of things…

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