The walls have ears, the screen has eyes

I used to be on a lot more social media sites, several years ago, but gave most of them up after my Mom was diagnosed with cancer.

It was then that Facebook started popping up ads for quack cancer cures. They told me I could treat my mother with laetrile. They promised a complete cure.  I didn’t fall for it, of course, but it was still upsetting; they were telling me things I wanted to believe.

And the thing is, I had never posted about my mother’s health. Apparently someone close to me did, then Mark Zuckerberg connected the dots and pointed me out to the scammers as an easy mark.

That was when I walked away from it all.

I still have my email and my blog, but that’s all.   I’m much more careful than I used to be.  I use “Private” mode for most things, to eliminate the cookie trail, and I use the Tor Browser sometimes to mask my information further.

It’s not paranoia.  They really are watching me, watching all of us.

That’s the world we live in.

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  1. markonit

    …I have thought about Tor… but I don’t know if my “unplugging” matters in the large scheme… I don’t think that “everyone” has to be in the Matrix… as long as the tipping point remains tipped is enough, don’t you think..?


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