I think I know.

“All options are on the table,” John Bolton said. What he meant by that was, “If they don’t give us what we want, we might just kill them and take it.”

It’s a behavior we accept on the international level we would never accept on the individual level. The next time you go grocery shopping, display a firearm and explain to the clerk that you would like to negotiate the price, that “all options are on the table.” In 8-10 years you can tell me what happened.

There are countries like Nicaragua and Honduras that have asked for America’s help, but instead have seen their aid slashed.  Trump wants to build a wall to keep them out.  He said that they are disease-ridden and violent.

Then there are countries like Venezuela that have not asked for America’s help,but it looks like they’re going to get it whether they want it or not.  Their humanitarian crisis has touched his soul.  He feels compelled to do something, to take action.

I wonder what’s different?

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  1. markonit

    …if the Honduras had oil reserves… then they could get all the “humanitarian aid” that they need..!


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