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Here’s the question:  if you suspected that you had been brainwashed by your culture to act certain ways and believe certain things, what is the first thing you’d do to regain control over your life?



  1. I’d run for Tom!


  2. markonit

    …you would “do”? I am not sure that there would be anything for one to “do”, not leastways how we would define “do” or doing by… Man surrendered the autonomy of being free long ago… those who avoid society by any and all means, just partaking of the social system enough for sustenance, the scofflaws who flaunt their freedom by taking our spare change and lying in shelters or park benches… those are the ones who may be the ones who are “woke”… and the observation that you make of those who live outside of culture is what it would determine your actions and define your choice…


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