Change, Conquer or Exploit

Excerpted from Plain and Simple:  A Woman’s Journey to the Amish by Sue Bender, ©1989:

“Why is the Amish land so beautiful?” I asked one evening. “What makes it feel special? I’m a city person, Eli, and I didn’t see a cow till I was twelve. I don’t know where the sun sets, or how to tell which way the wind blows, or distinguish one crop from another, but I have eyes, and I trust my heart. This land is loved.”

“The land is God’s,” Eli (Yoder) said. “It’s my job, and the job of every Amish person to take of it for Him. We mustn’t try to change or conquer nature or exploit the land. That would be going against God’s way.”

When Eli talked about the land, he was happy.


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