The Pinnacle of Evolution

“Each people is, I believe, inclined to believe it is the purpose of history, that all that has happened is leading to the now, to this world, this country. Few of us see ourselves as fleeting phantoms on a much wider screen, or that our great cities may someday be dug from the ruins by archeologists of the future.”  ~from Education of a Wandering Man: A Memoir by Louis L’Amour ©1989

I had bought this autobiography for my father, who was a fan of L’Amour’s books, and he hated it.  I am not a fan of L’Amour’s books, but loved it.

“C’est la vie,” say the old folks, “it goes to show you never can tell.”  🙂

1 Comment

  1. markonit

    …maybe your Father was disappointed in the lack of the old west and more of the existential philosopher that wrote the book you seemed to have given him…


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