Forces Build

The two big theories in geology are Gradualism and Catastrophism. Gradualism preaches that change comes very slowly over a long period of time, Catastrophism teaches that forces build over a long period of time but release in a sudden burst.

The classic example of the competing theories is the Grand Canyon. If you live in the West, you were probably taught that over the last 70 million years the Colorado River has very slowly carved deep crevices through solid rock; if you live in the East, you were probably taught that a giant ice damn across the northern United States melted at the end of the Ice Age, releasing massive torrents of water that carved the canyons all at once.

I was thinking over my morning coffee how our lives are also a combination of the two forces. Sometimes our lives change slowly, imperceptibly, and it’s only looking backwards that we see how far we’ve come. Sometimes the dam breaks, and we find ourselves thrust suddenly into a new and unfamiliar world.

But, whether slow or fast, change comes.


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  2. markonit

    …change is inevitable… the law of thermodynamics assures change not only in a person but in the universe… the connection that the universe has through quantum dynamics links EVERYTHING to one another… who are we to say the vibrational qualities that can be attributed to the creation of the Grand Canyon, space time, and the observations of men, all seem to contradict each other when you view things on the span of the eternity that is everything…


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