Smile a Lot

“We have to learn to be kinder to ourselves, much more kind. Smile a lot, although nobody is watching you smile. Listen to your own brook, echoing yourself. You can do a good job. In the sitting practice of meditation, when you begin to be still, hundreds of thousands, millions, and billions of thoughts will go through your mind. But they just pass through, and only the worthy ones leave their eggs behind. We have to leave ourselves some time to be. You’re not going to see the Shambhala vision, you’re not even going to survive unless you leave yourself a minute to be, a minute to smile. Please give yourself a good time.”  ~Chögyam Trungpa (via)

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  1. markonit

    …it seems so natural as to why we all should have been this way… yet, there are many for whom this is not the way and they visit their pain and experienced hardships on us all…


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