A Mechanical and Communal Art

“I saw that the novel, which at my maturity was the strongest and supplest medium for conveying thought and emotion from one human being to another, was becoming subordinated to a mechanical and communal art that, whether in the hands of Hollywood merchants or Russian idealists, was capable of reflecting only the tritest of thought, the most obvious emotion. It was an art in which words were subordinate to images, where personality was worn down to the inevitable low gear of collaboration. As long ago as 1930, I had a hunch that the talkies would make even the best-selling novelist as archaic as silent pictures.”  ~F. Scott Fitzegerald, in Pasting It Together, 1936



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  1. markonit

    …it wasn’t until I got to the last 3 or 4 lines that I realized that this was not a direct comment about the current state of society…


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