“Stagnation now, stagnation tomorrow, stagnation forever!”

Barack Obama gave a speech recently suggesting that the Democrats were aiming too high. He said they should focus on tiny, incremental, almost unnoticeable change.

I hope nobody was listening.

The inaction and impotence of his own administration were responsible for the voter apathy that put a game-show host in the White House.

If the Democrats run as Republican Lite, as they did last time, they will lose, as they did last time; or– just as bad– if they should eke out a victory, it won’t make any difference.

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  1. markonit

    … this is more of a sign that the country has lost its way… the reality of things is that there is no liberal politics in the United States… things that would serve the people are branded with the word Socialists when it is more like common sense and decency…


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