A Brief History of the American Presidency

A brief history of the American presidency:

  • Ronald Reagan illegally sold arms to the Iranians and used the proceeds to fund an illegal war in Central America.  When confronted, he used the standard Mafia defense:  “I have no recollection of these events.”  He was not impeached.
  • George H. Bush ordered the bombing of civilian targets in Iraq, a war crime for which men were hanged at Nuremberg.  Over half a million civilians died of dysentery after the water treatment facilities were destroyed.  He was not impeached.
  • Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a blow job.
  • George W. Bush began a war on false pretenses and oversaw the torture of captured suspects, war crimes for which men were hanged at Nuremberg.  He was not impeached.
  • Barack Obama had a soothing baritone voice and was present for eight years.
  • Donald Trump was impeached for a combination of corruption and insanity.  His defense– “But all the other presidents do it!”– was not accepted, neither by congress nor by anyone’s mother.


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