Not every day.

Howard Stern Comes Again, ©2019, is a collection of transcripts of what Stern considers his best interviews over the last several years.  The excerpt below with Paul McCartney is from January 14, 2009:

Howard:  I haven’t spoken to you since George Harrison died. How are you doing with that? That’s got to be major.

Paul:  Well, you know, how you deal with everyone dying. I mean, I lost both my parents. I lost John. Stuart (Sutcliffe, original Beatle’s bassist). Lost Linda. It’s very tough. You want them back. You want them back all the time, you know? But I think in the end, you do what I do, I think what most people do, which is just remember the great stuff. You know you can’t get them back.

Howard:  Are you sad? Do you wake up every day feeling like there’s an empty hole in your heart?

Paul:  No. Not every day.

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