Survey Says:

According to the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer, available HERE (PDF), Fifty-six per cent of the surveyed global population said capitalism in its current form does more harm than good in the world, and fifty-seven percent of respondents worry about losing the respect and dignity they once enjoyed in their country.  Most respondents said that hard work no longer leads to a better life.

There was a strong generational difference, with young people being far more pessimistic than old people.  My guess is that it’s because the stock market benefits when wages are kept low.  Someone with a nice 401k is doing fine, someone working as a cog in their machine not so much.

America has done a pretty good job of keeping dissent to a minimum.  They allow the occasional protest to let off some steam, but they peter out before anything actually changes.  That’s by design.  They let the protesters shout a bit and maybe block traffic for a day or so, knowing that soon despair and helplessness will return and they will all go home.

So far their strategy has worked.  But I feel like an explosion is coming.

People look back at the 60s through rose-colored glasses.  They remember the music, the fashion, peace-and-love, psychedelia.

They’re forgetting the violence.  There were mass arrests.  Cities burned.  People were assaulted, people suffered, people died.

I don’t want to live through it again.

But I think I’m going to.

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  1. markonit

    …I hope we do… not because I am looking forward to the violence, but the necessary point of change is violence… the complete remaking of something new out of the ashes of the old…

    …I just hope I don’t get in the way… and if I do, I want to be on the side of change..!


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