Strangers to Us

“We need to get to know our emotions. Right now, they are strangers to us. When we come across them, sometimes we react as if we were being confronted by a bandit. Instead, we should make their acquaintance, and then gradually make friends with them or create a wholesome relationship with them. In the end, the fact that anger or some other emotion no longer arises is not a result of forcefully shutting it out, but a matter of very naturally or even joyfully coming to the point where you make friends with it and are naturally in control.”  ~Ogyen Trinley Dorje


  1. markonit

    …I have found this to be accurate… mindfulness requires effort until it becomes effortlessness… and like working out, mindfulness comes with patience and regular practice…


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  1. Strangers to Us – Poetic Justice
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