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Mona is a dialysis patient now, and they have a lot of new procedures in place at the dialysis center because of the coronavirus.

There is a box of paper facemasks at the front desk, and we have been instructed to immediately put one on upon arrival.  A nurse then takes our temperature.  If either of us– patient or guest– has a fever, we are to be taken immediately by ambulance to the hospital.  If our temperatures are normal we are given protective gowns and rubber gloves, which we are required to wear for the entire treatment.

I have a feeling that most of this is like removing your shoes at the airport:  it gives the appearance of doing something useful, but doesn’t really accomplish much.

Here in the real world, almost everyone will decline the ambulance ride.  Most insurance won’t cover it, and the half-mile ride would cost roughly $800.  If either of us has a fever, I’ll probably just drive us there.

Americans are pretty self-centered, and the “every man for himself” approach has created shortages.  Grocery stores have run out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and potatoes.  We may have to order toilet paper online, if we can find it.  We hadn’t counted on hoarding to be such a problem.

Schools have extended spring break by a week, rather prematurely, I think.   We have had only three cases in the county, all by people returning from overseas.  There may come a time when schools need to close, but closing before the virus arrives seems pointless.

But it makes the kids happy.

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  1. markonit

    …while I could view this post objectively, my heart aches for you and Mona… this is the first that I have heard of her condition…


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