Nothing Else in the Universe

Your Heart So Full Of Light It’ll Feel Like Paradise
by Brennan Sprague

Tonight I killed a moth with my hardcover copy
of the Bhagavad Gita Wracked with guilt
then you must move on / You fluttered
panicked against the curtains / I was panicked too
You rushed towards me so quick I feel awful now
Could’ve opened the window Could’ve let you go
Now I convince myself / You’ll be reincarnated as something better
You will drive in a car at night In the heat of summer
You will smell all of the wildflowers beside the sea
And one night as you try to fall asleep after a beautiful party
A moth will land on your pillow And you’ll caress its wings
with such grace The moth will want nothing else in the universe
Except to be besides you to be you



  1. markonit

    …this was a very moving poem for me… I am glad that you chose to share it with everyone…


  2. I’m mesmerized by your words


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