I have traveled a long way since then…

The Saddest Poem I Have Ever Written
by Debbie Millman

You didn’t realize
I had died until you
walked in and found
me freezing under
the beige blanket
we both hate.


relaying the
news to
my friends

you decided it was
that I went so

In mulling this over
I am unclear
it benefitted

You couldn’t
that I woke
before I went.
It was 2:15 am.

Scruffy was
by my side.

Duff started
licking my face.
suddenly suddenly
I couldn’t see.
Remorse raced up
through my arms
and exploded in
my head.

It took
a long time

for my brain to
wind down.

And I cried to myself
it was too fast too
soon too too–
I tried to hold on
as I felt the dogs
slip away from
my side.

I have travelled a
long way since
then– way past
Saturn and Pluto.
I like that I can
see them up close, but
I hate that they
wave as I pass.

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