Excerpted from Bachelor Brothers’ Bed & Breakfast by Bill Richardson, ©1993:

Historians annoy me with their blinkered selectivity.  They took the time to write down the names of those who invented the telephone, the atom bomb, and the cotton gin.  But the geniuses who left us with that truly worthwhile legacy of recipes have gone unheralded.  Why don’t we know the name of the person– and I would wager it was a woman– who came up with the idea of the waffle?  To take flour, eggs, and milk, which on the surface seem to have nothing to say to one another, and to combine them; then to pour the stuff onto a scorching griddle, and to finally look at the result, cock an ear to the heavens, and know that it must go by the euphonious name of waffle:  well, it boggles the mind!

I like the quote, and I’m impressed that he was able to use both a colon and a semicolon in a single sentence.


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  1. markonit

    …it sounds like a sentence that you would have written describing something that is obscure yet painfully obvious… just to draw out the hypocrisy of the obscurity of who was the originator and the lack of knowledge thereof…


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