As Written

There are over a thousand recognized Christian sects, and every one of them believes they are interpreting their bible “as written.” So when new Supreme Court Justice Amy Barrett promised to interpret the Constitution “as written,” I wasn’t blown away by her impartiality and objectivity. I’ve heard the phrase before. All it means is that she’s overly impressed with her own opinions.

I know exactly how she will rule in practice, because I’ve already seen how her fellow “strict constitutionalists” behave. Sometimes she will rule the the constitution doesn’t say you can’t, therefore you can, and sometimes she will rule that the constitution doesn’t say you can, therefore you can’t. People who take things literally are always on the lookout for a loophole.

There will be two common threads among her rulings:  she will always favor business interests over public interests, authority over liberty.

I don’t think that’s what the Founding Fathers intended. But it’s not really about them anymore, is it?

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