Last Words

“Last words” hold a certain fascination. We’d all like to believe that our final words will be some sort of summary of what life is about and what we’ve learned on our journey.  (Mona has told me that my final words will be “No, really, I’m fine,” and she’s probably right.)

Gareth Branwyn has written a short article about what people actually say. You can read it online HERE, but I’ll cut to the chase:

So, what are the common things people say? A lot of it is nonsensical, owing to medication, fading physical and neurological function, pain, and so on. But, it sounds like Steve Job’s “Oh wow. Oh wow” is right in line with the apparently common “Oh fuck, oh fuck” (or similar). Heartbreakingly, the last words of dying men are often calls to their mother.

That does not surprise me in the least.


  1. i think it’s kind of beautiful..about calling out for one’s mom! I may, too! Mymother’s last words to me were, “God wants me to go, can I go?” ..reviving my faith..and saying “yes” wasn’t easy, but the one thing I could do for the best mommy ever.


  2. It is also the case that we will never know of that our last words were our last words.

    I guess a lot of people’s go unheard and unremembered. My father declined so slowly over weeks so I’ve no idea what the last thing he said was.


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