I’ve had a few

When I was in the tenth grade my English teacher told us that when he was in the Navy he and his friends used to go into the gay parts of town to beat up the queers. He thought this was a funny story that we’d all get a kick out of.

In the years since then, five students from that class have come out as gay.

That had to have been a harrowing time for them.

I know it would have been asking a lot of fifteen-year-old me to stand up and tell my teacher he was cruel and stupid and wrong, but it is a regret of mine that I didn’t.

The best I can do now is vow never to remain silent again.


  1. I am sure your teacher must have never heard of “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” People have differences but that doesn’t mean one has license to hurt others physically or mentally.

    Our society needs to learn a lot.

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  2. Aww dang 😦 I’m gay but I’m the type of one who was in the closet at the time and wouldn’t have said anything. I’m sorry you had to hear him say that and am proud of you for vowing to not be silent in the future! You are courageous and awesome and making the world a better place! ❤

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