Marveling at the Lottery Logic

“I am told by longtime New Yorkers that the subway used to be awful– garbage-strewn, graffiti-covered, suffocating in the summer, dangerous at night all year round. And of course I know plenty of people who despise taking it today, even though the cars are remarkably safe, clean, and cool. I suggest they ride with me. I cannot take a subway without marveling at the lottery logic that brings together a random sampling of humanity for one minute or two, testing us for kindness and compatibility. Is that not what civility is?” ~Bill Hayes, in Insomniac City ©2017

I love that way of looking at a subway ride! It’s easily transferable to a myriad of situations.

Insomniac City is a wonderful memoir detailing Bill Hayes two loves of the new millennium: his partner, and the city of New York. I recommend it.

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