“I do not exist to impress the world. I exist to live my life in a way that will make me happy.” ~Richard Bach

Okay, but is that enough? Were we put on this earth just to have a few laughs and amuse ourselves? Is that all there is?

What if happiness is just the bait on the hook, the distraction that keeps us from our true calling? If we go chasing after happiness like a junkie looking for his fix, is there something bigger that we’re missing?


  1. markonit

    I think Shruba has a point… but only to a point… I do not know if Americans can even identify with happiness anymore as it has been commodified and marketed until it is not recognizable…


  2. I think it’s genuine happiness that the quote refers to. One that is brought on after you do something you truly know was rewarding in and out of itself. The kind of happiness you might feel when you help a toddler stop crying and the child grabs your fingers with their little ones and stares into your eyes breaking into a teary toothless grin. The kind of happiness you feel when you let your younger sister get away with a prank they pulled and blamed you for it, just so they get home late night to put a cpumsily wrapped christmas present under your pillow. The happiness you feel when you talk to your friends excitedly about this project that you have been recently given the opportunity to work on and something you wanted to be a part og for years. The happiness of sitting under a tree, enjoying the breeze in an empty park after a morning jog. I think that’s the sort of genuine happiness he means… which comes from helping others, giving back to the world, encouraging others to live their dreams while also just carrying out your own aspirations.

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