Mozart and Me

I read a collection of Mozart’s letters many years ago, and noticed one way are both alike. It’s not that we are both artistic geniuses underappreciated in our own time (wouldn’t that be cool?), it’s that we both take pains to keep our worries to ourselves.

Mozart made clear in his letters that it was very important to him not to ruin someone else’s happiness by complaining of his own troubles, and I am the same. The last few years have been terribly difficult, but it’s a source of pride and dignity for me that I’ve (mostly) kept other people blissfully unaware of how hard it’s been.

But if this post has made its way out of the queue, that means something life-changingly wonderful is happening. It means that I am in the hospital right now with Mona, and she is receiving a life-saving kidney transplant.

Things have gone so wrong for so long that I’ve been kind of a mess every since we found a donor. I’ve gone so long without good news that now that it’s come I don’t quite know how to process it.

Mona was the first girl I ever kissed, and the last one. How many people get to say that? This donor has gifted me with more years with the only girl I want to spend them with.

I couldn’t be more happy.

I’ve never been so grateful.


  1. markonit

    …oh wow… reading your posts as I do, I am happy for the both of you… I share your feelings about keeping things to yourself… but blogs were not made for one to keep things to themselves… and you are not here because of ego… but that you have found and are part of a community that cares about you as a person… again, I am happy for the both of you and I am glad that I have not been that late in hearing about the great news..!


  2. Wonderful to know that your beloved Mona is on the way to a new lease of life 🙂🙂


  3. I think you will find that, having let our wonderful WordPress community know about what is happening in your life, Mona will find herself floated on an uplifting wave of prayers, good wishes, affirmations, loving thoughts and meditations — all manner of spiritual support.

    Sometimes we learn the most beautiful lessons in the hardest ways, and I’ve learned it over three damn traumatic years myself — but there is the most wonderful support here. And some of it will be coming from me — bright, bright blessings on your love and your life together!

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