The movie War Games is nearly forty years old, so I’ll briefly summarize for those of you who, through no fault of your own, had not yet been born: a computer running a simulation is mistaken for reality, and, smug in the erroneous belief that the Soviets had launched a massive first-strike nuclear attack, our generals are busy planning a counter-attack. Our heroes know the truth and try to convince them their information is false, but are making little headway until computer programmer Stephen Falken arrives and simply asks,

“But does it make any sense?”

In the movie, this penetrates the fog and buys them just enough time to recognize their mistake.

We live in a world where wild conspiracy theories run rampant. Q-Anon believes there is a secret cabal of Satan worshipers, pedophiles, and Democrats running a shadow government. There are people who sincerely believe the world is flat, vaccines cause autism, and Tom Cruise is a good actor. It’s all nonsense.

“But does it make any sense?” is question we need to challenge ourselves with more often, and we have to be willing to accept that the answer may be “No.”


  1. Does anyone really believe Tom Cruise is a good actor?

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  2. Cheryl

    I was 22(?)at the time. Have to find a copy for my son. He is always questioning my reality😁

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