Update from Northeast Texas

We have about eight inches of snow resting on a base of about half an inch of frozen rain and sleet. The mail has not gone since last week. Groceries and pharmacies have been closed, but some say they’re going to try to open today. Even if they do, not many customers will be able to get to them.

The house across the street caught fire yesterday afternoon. It started from a malfunctioning electric blanket. All of the people and animals got out safely, and for a time we had their dogs fenced in in our back yard. It was a brick house, and the walls are still standing, but the roof is gone so I believe it’s a total loss.

It was a very helpless feeling. Mona made pots of coffee and handed out cups to warm people up, but all we could really do was watch.

One of the young men who lived there was throwing up, just from nerves. We gave him a hug and brought him a dry pair of socks. He spent a lot of time in our backyard comforting the dogs, who in turn comforted him.

We had so much snow and ice on the roads that one of the fire trucks was not able to get up the hill. All that weight, and chains on the tires, and it still couldn’t get traction. Two other trucks came by a different route and made it to the house. Eventually there were four trucks, and when the fire was out two trucks used long chains to pull the stuck one and get it moving.

Our problems seem trivial by comparison.

We have not lost power or internet service, but water pressure has slowed to a slow trickle. We are using a bowl to catch the trickle from the faucet and refill the tank behind the toilet, a process that takes about twenty minutes. If we lose service entirely, our plan is to melt snow.

It will not get above freezing for at least two more days.


  1. markonit

    …hindsight here… I could not have imagined that services were so rickety in Texas… I have assumed that the infrastructure there was as sound as anywhere else… I just cannot believe that in a state where so much wealth is concentrated that they do not invest in the welfare of the people, at least, to the extent that this weather event has shown…

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  2. Cheryl

    No mail or trash here. More snow coming down and Mr. out of beer. Doing well despite that. Proud of him☺


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