Figment” is defined as “a fabrication, fantasy, invention; something fictitious.”

That’s what I expected, but I realized I had never heard the word without the expository “of imagination.” That made me think that perhaps it meant something different.

It turns out the phrase is just redundant.

On a slightly related tangent: one of my favorite movies, the 1983 George Lucas film Twice Upon A Time, contains characters known as The Fig Men of Imagination. You should go rent that one. You’ll love it.


  1. Cheryl

    Look up the meaning and orgins of ‘fasinate’. Gives me the shivers

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  2. markonit

    …I will have to look for that movie… question… I have tried to find the word “fasinate” but it keeps getting “fascinate” by another word…

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    • I think that was a typo- I’m sure she meant “fascinate.”


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