Me and Art

Excerpted from Art Buchwald’s autobiography Leaving Home: A Memoir, ©1993:

But a funny thing can happen to you in a depression. If you don’t hurt yourself, you can gain tremendous insights and empathy, find inner strengths and hidden talents. It’s mysterious process, but if you can hold on, you become a wiser and better person.

That’s why, when the second depression hit me in 1987, I wasn’t as frightened. It was just as vicious as the first, but this time I knew I could come out of it a stronger person, and I did.

I had similar experiences, and arrived at the same conclusions.


  1. If it helps anyone, so did I!


  2. markonit

    …I am simply grateful for the grey clouds to pass and the black dog with it…



  1. Me and Art — Abbie’s Tree House | Mona's Seaside Resort

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