A Quick Note About Skin Cancer

 When I worked in the nursing home, there were two areas where skin cancer seemed to be the most common:  on the tip of the nose for smokers, and on the back of the ears.

The tip-of-the-nose cancer looks like a simple mole, but it’s more than just a cosmetic problem– it’s a slow moving cancer that can metastasize and become fatal.  It has tendrils growing deep, so the sooner it’s treated the easier the surgery and treatment is.

I blame the back-of-the-ears cancer on ballcaps, which provide a little protection to the eyes but none at all to the ears.  I saw this a lot in fishermen.  So, be sure to dab a little sunscreen on your ears before you head out into the sun.

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  1. thank you! i will remember this because of you!

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