Fuck off, wretched refuse.

 In theory, the United States has two political parties; in practice, they have only one.

Notice the difference between a Democrat out of power and a Democrat in power. It’s not subtle:

“Our supposed leaders in Washington need to stop attacking immigrants and instead make clear that America is a place where immigrants and refugees are welcome and contribute to our society.” – Senator Kamala Harris, 16 February 2018

“I want to be clear to folks in this region who are thinking of making this dangerous trek to the United States Mexico border: do not come. Do not come. If you do, you will be turned away.” – Vice President Kamala Harris, June 2021


  1. markonit

    …I do not agree with Carol… the manipulation of politics and media by the rich has only made it easier for them to manage the public and win consent to extract wealth from society…

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  2. Cheryl

    You dont think people are asked to go home because we have many ,many people unemployed?


    • Is the employment situation so very different now than it was when she took the exact opposite position?


      • Cheryl

        We have had covid getting people laid off. I’m thinking of the minimum wage worker -I was one for many years. No work-no pay. No pay- eviction,starvation. Immagrents will work for less so why hire someone from here. For 10 years I made $400a month. Half went to room rent. (Utils included)I paid any long distance charges.$15a month for bus pass and $5for meds(which the rip off pharmeseutical co’s now charge $150-after 40years of $5!) Food was the only flexable area so I ate less and poorly (ramen,froz.burritos,pop pies). We got to take care of our own people. If it were before covid,sure-y’all come!


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