Ginny with a G


“I really am super lazy and doing long hair, especially mine, is a big pain in the butt. It’s filled with cowlicks and kinks and curls and frizz, and it was taking too much time in the morning.”  ~Ginnifer Goodwin


  1. my hair was the bane of my life..well..all of it..until 2 weeks ago…shaved it..and am never going back. i wake up happy..i go to bed happier, I look in the mirror and always think, HELL YES!


  2. Her and me BOTH! (I straight up shave mine, when I can get near an electric outlet ——scared a’ that straight razor)!

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    • Mona wears her hair very short these days. There seems to be a comradery among women with the same hairstyle. Other short-haired women approach her in stores.

      I am just the opposite. I haven’t trimmed my hair or my beard in several years. Different strokes for different folks!

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      • Oh, I’d let it grow — if it would do anything like hair is supposed to!…

        I, too, get approached on hot days (no headscarf) by women —usually with longer hair and a look of envy upon their faces — you can tell their men would NEVER let them be themselves!… (Not like yours) 🤗

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