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A Horse

Excerpted from Huey Long by T. Harry Williams, ©1969: The story seems too good to be true– but people who should know swear that it is true. The first time that Huey P. Long campaigned in rural, Latin, Catholic south Louisiana, the local boss who had him in charge said at the beginning of the …

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Two Gallons of Milk per Day

In 1930, actress Mary Astor contracted tuberculosis.  In her autobiography My Story, she recounts how it was treated: The treatment was to be rest and sun; a glass of milk every half hour (eight quarts a day), mineral oil, complete bed rest, and sun on the roof. There were to be no visitors, only my …

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You’re the cream in my coffee

Full lyrics HERE. I don’t know what made me think of Annette Hanshaw today.  I like her voice, but more than that I like the way her music makes me feel. (Her music was featured in the 2008 movie Sita Sings The Blues, which you can watch or download– freely and legally– HERE.  If you …

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