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Strahlen (Radiate), 1929, by Wassily Kandinsky

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“Gone before we have time to consider them.”

This journal entry is excerpted from Sketches From A Life by George F. Kennan, ©1989: December 20, 1927 Reading Buddenbrooks (Thomas Mann), this Forsyte Saga of old Lübeck, I cannot help but regret that I did not live fifty or a hundred years sooner. Life is too full in these times to be comprehensible. We know …

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Yet another excerpt from Eddie Cantor‘s autobiography The Way I See It, © 1959: “Lack of communication is the big problem in marriages today… I’d much rather see a husband and wife argue, even heatedly, than see one of them go silent and walk out of the room.” Note those quotes? This is the opinion …

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