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“Day of mourning”

CommonDreams.org documents George H. Bush’s legacy of violence, racism, and corruption, HERE. I don’t know why the media is intent on whitewashing his record.  He had a lot of blood on his hands.

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Truth and Consequences

Here are a few facts about George H. Bush you won’t hear at his eulogy: He slashed funding for AIDS research and education, insisting AIDS was “the consequence of a lifestyle choice.”  In other words, if you die of AIDS it’s your own damn fault– and no less than what a pervert like you deserves.  …

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Word Games

During the first Gulf War, getting information from the Bush administration was difficult because they insisted on playing silly word games.  They were asked repeatedly: “Did we use napalm?” -“No.” “Did we use napalm?” -“No.” “Did we use napalm?” -“No.” Finally someone worded the question a little bit differently: “Did we use firebombs?” -“Yes.” It …

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