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I Have the Time

Monday, Two Months Later by Rod McKuen from moment to moment, ©1974 Now I have the time to take you riding in the car to lie with you in private deserts or eat with you in public restaurants. Now I have the time for football all fall long and to apologize for little lies and …

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Everydays into Holidays

In Case You Didn’t Know by Rod McKuen Some days up ahead will come down empty and some years fuller than the fullest one we’ve known before. Today has been the best day yet.                 I thought you ought to know that, and I thought it time that I said thank you for whatever might …

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TWENTY-ONE by Rod McKuen, from Listen To The Warm © 1967 Only a day away the loneliness is unbearable. How will it be if you are a year gone? What will happen if I am not to know again                         your warm arms your shoulder next to my face at night the quiet talk over …

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